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Seto no Hanayome 02 – released

13 March, 2009 (10:16) | Seto no Hanayome | By: jama

You folks didn’t expect this, huh? You might have read this and thought: Those guys are slow and now it’s been licensed too, looks like they dropped Seto. But  hell, Seto’s not dropped. Just took us a damn long time cause we couldn’t find a new encoder for months, and then there’s this issue with […]

Seto no Hanayome 01v2

4 November, 2008 (09:43) | Seto no Hanayome | By: jama

Sorry, no episode 02 for you guys yet. I know, I know. But 01v2 comes with 100% better video quality and 99% better TS. We also did slightly edit some of the signs and the script. For the guys of you who wonder about the episode 2 title “Lord of the Rings”: I’ve been told […]

Seto no Hanayome – 01

14 September, 2008 (10:09) | Seto no Hanayome | By: naturesbless

Releases. … uh… I is n00b. Not much else to say… We have released something. Go us. uh… Nice to meet you? I’m the only member of the team who has done nothing so far. >:D F*CK YEA! Now for a little intermission story. ._. First, we got some have a meeting of destiny! A […]