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EVE no Jikan – 02

24 January, 2010 (12:39) | EVE no Jikan | By: jama

At long last. You can blame me for this taking so long. Typsetting 3D signs is seriously a freaking pain. But it was worth going through all the trouble~ We felt like adding a TL Note in the episode would just confuse the viewers, so we’ll put it here: After having watched this episode you […]

EVE no Jikan – 01

19 September, 2009 (16:19) | EVE no Jikan | By: Kayshin

With an increase in many new, experienced staff members (which won’t slow down older projects) we’re starting a new series called EVE no Jikan, which so far promises to give us a lot of thought about mankind’s future.  It may not be “our” immediate future, but it possibly can happen.  Androids.  Paving the way to […]