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Old releases, new torrents

16 April, 2015 (11:08) | EVE no Jikan, Himawari!!, Manabi Straight OVA, Projects, Seto no Hanayome, Spice and Wolf, Spirit of Wonder, Sumomomo Momomo, To Love Ru, Touhou | By: Jing

So, whatever tracker jama used to use is dead and gone, but luckily you can still read his old posts if you want a few laughs. Here are some new Nyaa torrents containing old releases, which we’re re-releasing for posterity. Nothing about these releases has changed. You can also get all this stuff from Arutha […]

Third Touhou M-1 Grand Prix

19 September, 2010 (03:41) | Touhou | By: jama

So, this is one of the side projects I may have been talking about (or not). It is dedicated to all existing and yet-to-become Touhou fans. To clarify things: This is the Touhou Grand Prix from 2008 (C75), not the one from 2009 (C77). The source was majorly fucked up, we tried our best to […]