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Old releases, new torrents

16 April, 2015 (11:08) | EVE no Jikan, Himawari!!, Manabi Straight OVA, Projects, Seto no Hanayome, Spice and Wolf, Spirit of Wonder, Sumomomo Momomo, To Love Ru, Touhou | By: Jing

So, whatever tracker jama used to use is dead and gone, but luckily you can still read his old posts if you want a few laughs. Here are some new Nyaa torrents containing old releases, which we’re re-releasing for posterity. Nothing about these releases has changed. You can also get all this stuff from Arutha […]

To LOVE-RU OVA 01-06

31 July, 2011 (09:52) | To Love Ru | By: jama

Here it is, a complete batch of To LOVE-Ru’s OVA. We had already released three episodes in the past, but the ones in this batch got a complete workover. This is a special release in many ways. From the technical perspective, it features 10 bit encodes (that means you need CCCP from July 30th or […]

To LOVE-Ru 23-26

27 February, 2011 (09:40) | To Love Ru | By: jama

And here it is, the last, the final batch of To LOVE-Ru (the series). We’ve fulfilled our duties, now it’s Rito’s turn: Episode 23 is quite… special… Some sort of a big pun on Japanese history. Episode 24-26 are actually connected (somewhat) and should be watched in one go. We’ve actually had so many people […]

To LOVE-Ru 18-22

30 January, 2011 (09:17) | To Love Ru | By: jama

Hell yes, we made the deadline. Yabaiis faster than ever, and as a result, we can present you five more episodes of To LOVE-Ru, just about one month after we’ve released the last batch. Just half a year ago this would’ve seemed impossible, as we’ve only released one episode per month — if at all […]

To LOVE-Ru 14-17

25 December, 2010 (06:44) | To Love Ru | By: jama

Last year we brought you the two final episodes of Himawari!!, this year we double the fun with four episodes of To LOVE-Ru! (Let’s see if we can manage 8 episodes next year :P) I think our new strategy (batch releases instead of single releases) works much better (see S&W 2, see this release). If […]

To LOVE-Ru – 13v2 & bunch of batch torrents

10 November, 2010 (12:42) | To Love Ru | By: jama

The v2 has improved video and audio quality and some minor script fixes. To LOVE-Ru 13v2 torrent: [Yabai]_To_LOVE-Ru_-_13v2_[DVD][E62F7442].mkv There’s also batches for the first half of the TLR series, TLR OVA and Seto no Hanayome. Nothing is dropped, don’t worry. Our plans haven’t changed, we’re just cleaning up. It’s also easier for our seedbox to […]

To LOVE-Ru – 13

1 November, 2010 (09:12) | To Love Ru | By: jama

Kotegawa + Bondage = Epic Win. Torrent: [Yabai]_To_LOVE-Ru_-_13_[DVD][F3471759].mkv IRC:

To LOVE-Ru OVA – 03

13 September, 2010 (12:13) | To Love Ru | By: jama

13 September, 2010 (12:13) | To Love Ru | By: jama Here we go, the OVA is getting releases again. Switching encoders only took a year. >_> It’s the obligatory beach episode every fan service anime has to have nowadays. You might want to check out my post at AniYoshi. :> Torrent: [AniYabai]_To_LOVE-Ru_OVA_-_03_[DVD][EBD1EB7F].mkv IRC:

To LOVE-Ru – 12

31 August, 2010 (12:04) | To Love Ru | By: jama

Surprise! More To LOVE-Ru for all the perverted fans out there. We think you’ve waited long enough now! This episode revolves all around the school festival. Expect nipples. With the episode 12 torrent we’ve also included several other files. We’ve fixed/updated the lyrics/karaoke. Just replace the two existing ones with the ones included in this […]

To LOVE-Ru 11 & Sumomomo Momomo OVAs

6 October, 2009 (10:29) | Sumomomo Momomo, To Love Ru | By: jama

So we finally caught up to AniYoshi. Episode 11 introduces our beloved Yami-chan (see picture). Isn’t she cute?? And then there’s Sumomomo Momomo. You guys might’ve already noticed that our project page has been stating that we’ve been working on Sumomomo till now. Well, it’s all true. Doing just these two DVD exclusive episodes took […]