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Matroska Editions

31 March, 2011 (10:38) | Articles | By: jama

As mentioned in my previous post, all our future releases (and re-releases of older series) will feature editions. Let me take a few moments to explain what editions are in case you don’t know. Before we get to editions, I’ll first explain how chapters work. There are two types of said chapters: “normal” chapters which […]

What’s the most important thing in a fansub? | Part 2 – Abstract Point of View

6 November, 2009 (19:15) | Articles | By: jama

In part 1 I covered the classic point of view. Things like translation, editing, timing, quality checking or encoding are regarded to as important. But let’s look at the situation from a different point of view. Let’s “Think outside the box.” Is it really just the “classic” things that make a group good in your […]

What’s the most important thing in a fansub? | Part 1 – Classic Point of View

13 October, 2009 (12:44) | Articles | By: jama

There are various kinds of jobs that need to be done within a fansub. Actually only the translation stage is necessary. You could grab your raw from Tokyotosho, get the translation, and then just load both on your favorite player and watch. Of course, it’s more convenient to have someone synchronize them for you—also called […]