28 March, 2011 (11:52) | News | By: jama

Starting with next release, all future releases will have full support for editions. Editions are awesome. More people/groups should use them.

Now, before we hit the next batch release, there’s some stuff that might or might not interest you. We’ll publish articles in the course of the next two to three weeks about following topics:

1. Matroska Editions
2. Why You Should Use CCCP Or Mplayer2 To Get Your Anime Fix
3. The Many Curses of Quality Subbing
4. Fixing Non-Fixable Interlacing (aka Why The TLR OVA Batch Will Be Delayed)

So be sure to check back. Oh, and spoilers, TLR OVA will be delayed (mainly due to a slow TLC, slow editors and 4.)

On other news, there’ll probably be some site updates too. Those updates will mainly include a separate page that lists all files ever released (all versions) which should serve as some sort of archive in case you need to identify your version of the file or whatever.
Secondly, we’ll see if we can get some sort of DDL server up and running (done). Or at least some links to One-Click Hosters. (Which one would you prefer?)
Last but not least, some sort of FAQ page. Stay tuned.

I’d also like to use this post to ask you guys how you like the idea of our roadmap. Any kind of feedback is appreciated!

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