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27 February, 2011 (09:40) | To Love Ru | By: jama

And here it is, the last, the final batch of To LOVE-Ru (the series). We’ve fulfilled our duties, now it’s Rito’s turn:

Episode 23 is quite… special… Some sort of a big pun on Japanese history. Episode 24-26 are actually connected (somewhat) and should be watched in one go.

We’ve actually had so many people work and ragequit on this series, most members that worked on the last few To LOVE-Ru batches have only joined us recently (or joined the TLR team recently)… Anyway, here’s what our staff has to say:

Please never again (Actually, the only episode I really disliked was the one with that Captain Afro and Magical Girl Sets-Everything-On-Fire)

To start, I’m not going to bother with anything witty so don’t expect it. To begin with, I asked jama a question about typesetting and all I got was this qc position out of it. I’ll admit I was pretty confident that I’d be fine, since I was assured nothing ever got done here. I should of realized this was all a lie when the shrubbery requisition I put in upon joining was later denied. Many lies and deceitful smiles later I ended up qc’ing the last 4 episodes in 2-3 days. That’s about all I have to say about things thus far, so here’s a final fairwell from the newest slav…member. Happy leeching.

I’d rather be t-bagged than do more tlr

It’s been a pretty productive 5 months for us. That’s the time it took us to release the final 14 episodes of this troublesome fantastic series. Governor Ishihara would be proud of our work in spreading wonderful Japanese culture to the world. There were lots of strange things to see, and I’m not sure I want to ever see them again. With that said, this won’t be the end of Yabai’s work with perverse animu spectacle To LOVE-Ru. It just wouldn’t be Yabai without Trouble. So, there will be more underboob, sideboob, nipples, areolae, groping, pinching, pantsu shots, and erotic bestial alien sm3x! TLR OVA will be done by the end of March! Thanks for all the support and stay tuned!

Coming into this project half way through has lead me to a simple conclusion: filler contenting is fattening, will ruin your health, and will cause you to have bouts of delirium. TLR’s fatty content is best handled like nuclear waste; let it decay, hidden away from the light of humanity.

Hmm. I think we should stop this, it’s counterproductive…

So it just took us nearly two and a half years (first release in September 2008) to finish this series. What’s up next? As mild_even mentioned, it’s going to be the To LOVE-RU OVA, which I’m not really sure we can meet the deadline for (but we’ll try anyway). At least I can promise you that the batch is going to have some new fancy functions included. We’re working hard to set an even higher level of standards than we already have this time around.

But for now, we hope you can enjoy the last few episodes of To LOVE-Ru!

Torrent: [Yabai]_To_LOVE-Ru_23-26_[DVD]


Scripts: LOVE-Ru/

Edit: In case you were wondering about the file size of episode 23 (it’s nearly twice as big as most of the other files), this is due to the filter the producers decided to apply to nearly all of said episode. It just doesn’t compress well (and we didn’t want to get a smaller file by sacrificing video quality)


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