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30 January, 2011 (09:17) | To Love Ru | By: jama

Hell yes, we made the deadline. Yabaiis faster than ever, and as a result, we can present you five more episodes of To LOVE-Ru, just about one month after we’ve released the last batch. Just half a year ago this would’ve seemed impossible, as we’ve only released one episode per month — if at all (and it wasn’t even TLR back then).

We actually just promised four episodes, but we decided to add a fifth one due to a ripping mistake (for like half the time we worked on episode 22 thinking it was 21). Consider yourself lucky. :P














This batch includes:
18) A pregnant cat assassin — Yes, it sounds bad, and it is really bad. In fact, it’s so bad we couldn’t watch this without facepalming and laughing at the stupidity all the time. That makes it arguably a good episode (we were laughing etc.).

19) An (Underground) hot spring episode that spends more of half of the time showing us Lala & Co. digging around. But the rest is worth it (I guess?).

20) A whole episode featuring Magical Kyouko! How cool is that??!

21) Yuuki and Lala setting up an inn for aliens. There’s not much fanservice in this particular episode, but fear not, you get to see Yami and Mikan in uniforms (see above pictures). That should make up for everything!

22) Culture Festival. Animal Coffee Shop. Lots of Cosplays. (And lots of painfully typeset signs.)

Since I have taken so many pictures from these episodes and want to share them all with you, this is going to become a long article.

Back in early December I promised to document our work on TLR 18-22. So here’s a short summary:

Step 1) Premux
At first, we rip the video files, index them, then use YATTA, and get a basic .avs file (click to see how it looked like at first.)
After the basic .avs file is done, next we look for all the signs that need to be typeset (click the link to see the picture — 10 signs for episode 18 alone). Once the signs are spotted, we cut out the scenes where they’re in and create LAGS clips. These are needed so we can typeset the signs using Photoshop and After Effects. Once the overlays are done, they’ll be included in the .avs file. The final .avs file will look considerably different from the original YATTA one.
The video can now be encoded, the audio will be cut (OP/ED songs cut out cause of ordered chapters) and then we’ll use mkvmerge to put together the pre-final .mkv (no subs yet).
There’s some other work that needs to be done like adjusting ordered chapters.
All these steps need to be redone for every episode. It’s not uncommon that it can take like 10 hours (effectively) to get step 1 done, most (80-90%?) of that time spent on typesetting. Yes, typesetting is that much of a bitch.

Step 2) Timing
As we switched to official subs starting with episode 14, we need to OCR the subs from the DVD using SubRip. Then we will retime and restyle the script. Additionally we have to do some detail work like adding honorifics (the official subs leave those out).
This usually takes about 3 hours for one episode.

Step 3) TLC & Edit
We have someone to check the dialogue to make sure it’s translated accurately. Everyone talks bad about official subs, but they seem to be mostly fine for To LOVE-Ru. Maybe it’s cause of the simple dialogue the anime got. :P
After that there’ll be 2 editors who go through the scripts (1st and 2nd pass).
It heavily depends on the quality of the scripts on how long this will take, but it’s mostly something between like 3-5 hours.

Step 4) RCs
The script is now ready for the first round of QCs. So it’ll be put into the premux and make it become the Release Candidate 1 (RC1). There’s a couple of QCers (between one and four) going through every RC. They note down all the timing, editing, typesetting, encoding and other errors they find and we fix them. We usually have 3 RCs, one round of QC & Apply takes roughly 1 week. People are busy during the week and somehow try to get 4-5 episodes QCd till Friday/Saturday. On Saturday/Sunday the reports will be applied and the new RC will be uploaded, which will then be QCd the following week. QCing alone takes about 2-3 weeks!
We also try not to have anyone QC the same episode more than twice — or else they would probably go insane.

QCing one 20-minute episode can take 30 minutes or up to three and more hours, depending on the quality of the muxed in files; usually early RCs take longer to QC (cause they still have more errors duh!)

And once we’re happy with the RCs, we’ll release the final episodes!
Fun fact: Writing the news posts takes up time too. This one surely took like 2 hours to write!

Next month you’ll get to see the last 4 episodes of To LOVE-Ru (if everything goes according to plan)!

Till then, have fun watching 18-22.

Torrent: [Yabai]_To_LOVE-Ru_18-22_[DVD]


Scripts: LOVE-Ru/


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Time September 29, 2011 at 7:46 am

Please some sources and seeds if it is possible ;) Thanks a lot for the release

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Thanks a lot jama. It seems better ;)

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