Site update

5 December, 2010 (11:46) | News | By: jama

Thanks to everyone who answered the questions in the last news post.

Some changes have been made to the website:
– Most notably there’s a Scripts section now which will redirect you to
– A roadmap has been added. Don’t take the dates too seriously though.
– The RSS Feed for this site should finally be working properly
– Even though both Projects and Staff page stay the same (for now), I’ve at least updated them :P
– Some other small changes
Some other noteworthy stuff:
– The final S&W II and TLR batches will have editions rather than xdeltas and .bat files so you can easier switch between credited and creditless OP/ED
– I’ll document our work on TLR 18-21 18-22 and will release the article at around the same time that batch will get released (Jan 2011). Should make for an interesting read I think.

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