Spice & Wolf II BD (720p) batch

14 November, 2010 (06:53) | Spice and Wolf | By: jama

(If you haven’t watched season 1 yet and wonder what all this is about, we recommend you download niizk’s BD rips.)

This has got to be the shortest project in Yabai’s history! Actually, it started out as a Mazui project: As we (Mazui) weren’t going anywhere with that planned batch torrent of S&W2 (TV raws with QCd scripts), I decided at the end of July to redo Spice & Wolf II completely by doing BD rips. I set my deadline to be August 31, and what do you know, after one month of hard work I got all episodes ready on August 30. Due to various circumstances this didn’t get released on August 31 under the [Mazui] tag though and instead became a Yabai project. Basically that meant more QCing and editing were going to be done. Among other things consistency in the scripts has improved a lot thanks to that. Staff credits look somewhat like this:

Original scripts: 00 (Frostii), 01-12 (Mazui)
TLC: Ulrezaj
Editing: desolo
QCing: jama, mild_even (big thanks for doing so much so fast!)
jama (thanks to Mandarinka and tyroz for advice)
Special thanks to Daemon404 for providing the encode of Sp02.

In case you didn’t know, Yabai and Mazui were pretty much the same group in the beginning (Mazui = just the fast staff)(Hint: similar group names), so it goes without saying that we use Mazui scripts, which are–by the way–pretty high standard (and we polished them up even more!). We also decided to go with official names, so it’s Holo (instead of Horo), Kraft Lawrence (Craft), Dian Rubens (Dean), Fermi Amati (Amarty) and Eve Boland (Abe).


We even have fancy stuff like ordered chapters and bat files that switch between the Credits and Creditless version of the OP/ED as default for you. And all episodes are pure softsubs, we didn’t hardsub a single sign or the karaoke.

Actually we had planned to release the batch torrent with special 3 and 4 included (which nobody else has subbed so far), but we figured why wait with the release if everything else is ready to go? Once we’re done with sp3 and 4 we’ll re-release this batch with those two files included. The specials are audio dramas and their story is about the “Black Wolf’s Cradle“, which is included in Spice & Wolf Vol. 11 (entitled “Side Colors II”, see Wikipedia) and split into two parts.

Batch torrent: [Yabai]_Spice_and_Wolf_II_00-12_[BD_720p]

IRC: #yabai@irc.rizon.net

PS: We have a few questions! Feel free to answer them in the comments section below:

1. Do you prefer single releases (1 release = 1 episode) or batch releases (1 release = whole series in just one batch or 1 release = 1 DVD/BD)?
2. Do you want a page where you can download all of our scripts?
3. Do you find these .bat files to be convenient and that we should keep on including them in our torrents?
4. Do you want updates on the status of the projects? (I could think of updates in the IRC channel or maybe Twitter if we’re not too lazy…)
5. Do you wanna read more articles about fansubbing on this site (see Articles page if you don’t know what I mean)? In case you do, is there something you always wanted to know about fansubbing which I could write about? :>
6. Do you want polls back?
7. Do you care about the Projects section? If yes, want it to stay that way or add/change something? (I know it’s not up2date)
8. If you notice any errors in our releases, feel free to post them in the comments section below. We would be glad to fix anything we missed for the re-release of the batch.
9. Anything else you always wanted to tell/ask us? :P


Comment from zed
Time October 4, 2011 at 5:41 pm

Am I the only one whom an ending file doesn’t play in any episode? I also noticed some different CRC32 checksums in your bat files.

Comment from redemption024
Time January 15, 2012 at 9:34 pm

nope.. not just you .. me too.. both OP and ED just won’t work with me.. nvm. its still great though

Comment from Randy
Time July 9, 2012 at 6:58 pm

Creditless OP and ED don’t work for me using MPC-HC, but credited does.

Comment from Randy
Time July 10, 2012 at 12:25 pm

Nevermind, fixed it by updating the LAV Filters.

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