Third Touhou M-1 Grand Prix

19 September, 2010 (03:41) | Touhou | By: jama

So, this is one of the side projects I may have been talking about (or not). It is dedicated to all existing and yet-to-become Touhou fans. To clarify things: This is the Touhou Grand Prix from 2008 (C75), not the one from 2009 (C77).

The source was majorly fucked up, we tried our best to fix it without going batshit insane.

It also should be mentioned that the Grand Prix and the Touhou Doujin Anime are in fact two different things. While there is an AniDB page on the latter, the site doesn’t seem to be even aware of the existence of the Touhou Grand Prix series it seems.

Fun fact: The script got a whopping 3,000 lines, that’s nearly reaching single cour anime level. So here’s a fair warning: You will be in for a (very) wordy treat. :D

This was a one shot project (as the file name hints — “Third” is more neutral than “Touhou – 03″), we won’t be doing any other Grand Prix movies. There are (ongoing) translation projects for the other Grand Prix movies on various sites, the touhou wiki is a nice source of information if you want to know more.

Torrent: [Yabai]_Third_Touhou_M-1_Grand_Prix_[DVD][558B4DA8].mkv


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