Unexpected downtime and new host

11 August, 2010 (23:38) | News | By: jama

As you *might* have noticed the website was down the last few days. That is because it got flooded with spam and couldn’t keep up. It’s all good now; we switched the server and this shouldn’t be happening again.

All those dirty spam comments should be deleted too. If you happen to see any more, feel free to mention where you’ve found them down in the comments and I’ll see to it that they’ll get removed fast.

In other news, another release has been waiting in the release queue for quite some time now. It wasn’t released yet cause, well, the website was down. Now that this problem is resolved you can expect it to get released soon.

PS: Some might not be able to display this site for a few days, while others can. Try to suggest them to flush their DNS and try again (or use proxy software like TOR for the time being if they really have to access the site).

PPS: I know we’ve been treating our torrents pretty badly till now (as in, most haven’t been seeded well), but at least for the time being that shouldn’t be the case anymore. Every torrent should have at least 1 seedbox assigned to it now which will guarantee fast downloads.

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