It’s been a year…

8 May, 2009 (09:22) | News | By: jama

It’s been a year since we had our first release. Actually, it’s been 1 year and 3 days, so I’m kinda late doing this post.

I am going to talk a bit about the group’s past, as well as how and why it was founded. For those of you who don’t find interest in this, scroll down to the “Statistics” and the “Future of Yabai” part.

I think it was in  November 2007 when I joined a group called, “LostTreasure-Fansubs”. They hadn’t released anything up till then, but they were working on three projects at that time: Saiunkoku Monogatari 2nd Series, Himawari!! and Saint October. Yes, they actually worked on the 2nd season of Himawari, before even ray=out released their first episode. It was the beginning for me as a fansubber too (I got into fansubbing about 1 month before that); I only knew how to time back then. I kinda learned in that group how to ktime and TS, as the group leader — MuderousAngel — didn’t have any actual TSers. I put a lot of effort into the first 2 eps of both Himawari!! and Saint October, but we never got anywhere, staff constantly left, and in mid December we only had 1 translator left and no encoders at all.

So MurderousAngel decided to kill that group. She took all the members that were still active (Futamaru was one of them) and formed a new group: Nisemono-Fansubs (“Fake-Fansubs” ^^). At around New Year’s Day we formed a new IRC channel, website and ftp. I became the co-leader and started looking for fresh meat, mainly encoders. Both Saiunkoku and Saint October were dropped since we lacked translators and motivation for those series. Only Futamaru remained to work on Himawari. We somehow managed to get all positions covered again and decided to take up a new project which was one of the winter shows: Aria The Origination. One of the new staff members was coreym who wasn’t really doing anything except slacking. Actually, everyone but Lonyo (an editor) and myself were slacking. (MurderousAngel was “slacking” too, well, she actually was just the leader of the group, she didn’t fansub at all.) So not much happened in February and March except some staff issues, people quit and I had to look for new staff again. In the first two weeks of March, I recruited TGEN, Skyward and Ulrezaj. We were uber-slow and still hadn’t released anything by the end of March. About when episode 4 or 5 of Aria The Origination aired we dropped it. Coreym stole our scripts for ep 1 and 2 and released them with his group, Orange-Subs. I think we’re mentioned as “Nisemono-Fansubs” in the credits or something. Anyways, they totally butchered the quality of that script! (Timing was off, shitty video quality, shitty main styling, etc.) At the end of March, we picked up the Sumomomo DVD specials (ep 23 and 24) too, as a side project. (Yay for even more work when we couldn’t even release an episode of the other projects!)

So then, the spring season started and we decided to pick up two new shows: Nabari no Ou and Kure-nai. I enjoyed timing and TSing Kure-nai, even though every script had like 500 lines to time (comparison: Himawari only has about 250 lines) and lots of signs. Nabari no Ou was okay to work on too. On my request we picked up the Manabi Straight OVA, since Eclipse didn’t do that and there was only some low-quality anon version out there. By then, drama had already built up. For the last few months I had always been arguing with MurderousAngel about the group. She wanted to see releases, I wanted to make sure the releases had the highest quality possible (which they didn’t have then). It escalated on April 22 when MurderousAngel made Skyward leave the group. (She hated him for no real reason. :/) Ulrezaj quit right after that occurrence and I decided that it was time to leave too. MurderousAngel had already given up on the group too and so had everyone else, I guess.

But it wasn’t the end of Himawari, Manabi and Sumomomo. Right after I quit, I decided to found our own group. Actually, I’ve had that thought for a few weeks. So I asked the staff that worked on these three projects if they wanted to finish the projects in a new group, since at least I wanted to finish them no matter what. Thus, Yabai was born. The founding members were me, Juggen, Osaka-tan, Skyward, TGEN, and Ulrezaj.

We took all the Himawari- and Manabi-related stuff (and later Sumomomo-related stuff too) and moved it to our new ftp. I put up a wordpress blog, which is hosted on Ulrezaj’s site, and we concluded that all the public (anime) trackers available at that time weren’t living up to our expectations — so we got our own tracker thanks to TGEN. We decided that we wanted to sub animes which either hadn’t been subbed at all (like Himawari) or animes which hadn’t been done by quality groups (like Seto no Hanayome, which we decided to pick up back then). You can see the first post on April 27. Heh, that was pretty awesome. So we continued working on the animes and we finally released something on 5 May, 2008! It was so epic! We were so motivated that we released episode 2 nine days later. Work on Manabi was progressing somehow too. Soon after the release of Himawari!! episode 2, we were able to release that OVA episode.

After that we became slow. Really slow. ^^ TGEN was lazy/busy/whatever and so it took him nearly 2 months to edit episode 3 of Himawari. Eventually, we got there. On 16 July, 2008, it was time to release it. A month later, episode 4 followed. I started recruiting a few more people, mainly to get the Seto no Hanayome project moving. It was standing still for quite some time. When Himawari 4 was released, I felt relieved. During our days in Nisemono, we had translations for Himawari up till episode 4. Everything beyond that was done solely by Yabai, without involvement of Nisemono. It felt like I had finally closed a chapter in my fansubbing life. ^^

One day after episode 4 got released, I put some more effort into making the site look better. The result was a new theme which was simple and slick.

September was an epic month because we released an episode every week, which was pretty awesome. Starting with Himawari 5 on 6 September, 2008; continued by Seto no Hanayome 1 (I have to apologize for this release, we should’ve taken our time making it perfect instead of releasing something that doesn’t live up to our usual level of quality); then there was the big surprise, To LOVE-Ru 1 on 22 September, 2008 (which we started working on at the end of August, about 1 week after AniYoshi dropped it); and even a 2nd episode of To LOVE-Ru on 29 September, 2008. Skyward suggested to pick up TLR, since both he and I were working on it in AniYoshi. One month later, To LOVE-Ru 3 got released. At the same time, we were struggling to find a new encoder for Seto no Hanayome. We wanted to do a version 2 of episode 1 too. On 4 November, 2008, we were finally able to release the fixed version. By the end of October, Skyward vanished from IRC and the whole internet. We waited for him to show up again for several weeks, but he didn’t. As he was our only encoder at that time (we had skystrife to encode Seto no Hanayome, but he had to quit due to RL reasons), we were in a really unfavorable situation back there. He left 3 projects behind. Looking for a new encoder was what we were left with, which took a month.

Then Yumi joined and took over To LOVE-Ru. We also recruited limpakos, who’s doing a great job in QCing our projects. After about 2 months of nothing, we finally were releasing something again thanks to Yumi. To LOVE-ru 4 was out on 29 December, 2008. I found another good QCer on the internet, arcturo, who picked out some errors we hadn’t noticed in episode 4. So I offered him a position in Yabai and he took it. We released a v2 of episode 4 together with episode 5 a week later. Around this time we found an encoder for Himawari, Mandarink. Thanks to him, we were able to release Himawari 6 on 30 January, 2009. A month later To LOVE-Ru 6 followed, followed by Himawari 7 on 28 February, 2009. Things were looking good again. An encoder for Seto no Hanayome in mid February was found and one month later, episode 2 was released. I had to redo the TS for episode 2, which was a major pain in the ass. Just take a look at the amount of signs I had to do:, hence the stressed news post. ^^ To LOVE-Ru 07 & 08 on 3 April, 2009 and Himawari 8 on 10 April, 2009 are our latest releases as of now.

We’ve gone through much in this one year, but it was still awesome. Thanks to all the people I was able to work with and am still working with! Running a fansub group sure was stressful. On the upside, all the user comments in the IRC channel, on this site, on anidb, and all other sites kept us motivated. The fact that there were no other decent subs contributed a great deal to our fervor. If not us, then who? Someone has to do it! ^^

Here are some statistics that might interest you:

We released 8 episodes of Himawari since 5 May 2008, that’s an average of 45.625 days/release.

We released 2 episodes of Seto no Hanayome since 14 September 2008, that’s an average of 116.5 days/release (gotta speed this up :P).

We released 8 episodes of To LOVE-Ru 22 September 2008, that’s an average of 28.125 days/release.

And of course we released Manabi Straight.

And we’re still working on Sumomomo, even after over a year. ^^

We released 19 episodes in our first year, 21 if we count the v2s.

This post counts 2,082 words.

I installed a stats plugin in late August which since then tracked a lot of stuff, among other things how many people visit this site a day. When there is no release we usually have about 100-150 visitors a day.


And as you can see in this chart, we had about 5,000 visitors  in September. It then dropped to about 3,500 visitors/month  till December. After we’ve somehow filled the hole that Skyward left behind again, we were able to release more often from then on. The amount of visitors per month rose again and peaked at  about 7,674 in April. Of course, since it’s only 8 days in May and we didn’t release anything for a month, visitor count for May is down. But we’ll change that soon with more releases! ^^


Another interesting thing is the new function in Google which displays the amount of results for a term. So got “yabai fansubs” 9,440 results for example (as shown in the picture).

Future of Yabai

So with all that said, what’s the future of Yabai? Our policy is to never drop a project. So we’re gonna work on Himawari!!, To LOVE-Ru and Seto no Hanayome in this year too, of course. At some point we’ll release Sumomomo too. We’re definitely not going to pick up another show until we at least finished one of the three current main projects.

What we’re definitely going to work on at some point is Death Note. It’s been oversubbed, but no decent group finished it. Plus: it’s my favorite anime, so there’s really no way around this.

Status report (It’s been a long time since I last did this):

Himawari 09: sQC apply

Himawari 10: Edit

To LOVE-Ru 09: RC2 apply

To LOVE-Ru 10: sQC

Seto no Hanayome 03: RC1

Seto no Hanayome 04: TS

Sumomomo 23: done, will be released with 24 in a batch

Sumomomo 24: WR

Not related to Yabai directly, but you can find the torrents of my little side project on our tracker: I am working with arcturo on subtitles for The Leet World (click here for my forum post). If you don’t know this series, then you’re really missing out on something. It’s an awesome machinima: excellent setting, plot, voice acting, directing and music. I just released episode 3 and 4 of season 2 today. ^^

If you want to join our group (no matter what position(s)), pay a visit to our IRC-Channel and talk to me (jama). If I’m not around drop me a PM and I’ll respond to you as soon as possible.

Now, I hope you found this post interesting. Well, if you didn’t I guess you wouldn’t be reading this line down here anyway. There’s not much left to say now, except, of course: Long live Yabai!!


Comment from Skyward
Time May 8, 2009 at 2:11 pm


Comment from jama
Time May 9, 2009 at 12:47 pm

You have no right to complain, you are the cause for like ten additional lines. ;)

Comment from angel
Time May 9, 2009 at 6:05 pm

Long live yabai.. but i am more interested in To Love Ru.. i think so many people visit this site is because of that.. so dun ver drop it and do a perfect job..gambate~ :p

Comment from Some random faggot
Time May 10, 2009 at 12:00 pm

You sure did go through a lot of trouble to get where you are today, heh. Hopefully this year treats you better, it seems things are picking up quite recently which is great. Keep up the work. I know I’m looking forward to any of your future releases.

Also Death Note seems like an odd choice to pick up, the subs for it seemed perfectly fine, at least to me they did. I believe I used the Animada/Kuro-hana/Ruberia batch, the subs weren’t the best but they were definately acceptable. I personally would have thought you’d have went for something like Zettai Karen Children or something which got great subs up until 14 by Deculture but lack of translator caused them to stop and instead the only other choice is shitsubs via Chihiro..

Comment from jama
Time May 10, 2009 at 2:23 pm

Yeah, the Death Note subs were mostly acceptable (just the last few eps were horribly subbed). But this anime deserves so much more than “acceptable” subs, don’t you think? I’ve never considered picking up Zettai Karen Children as a future project, though I haven’t watched it either. Will do that some time.

Comment from Some random faggot
Time May 10, 2009 at 2:45 pm

Well if you are willing to put the time and effort into it then I certainly wont stop you since it’s nice to have great subs, regardless of the series. It just seemed like a strange choice considering the lack of subs/decent groups subbing some shows whereas Death Note has had acceptable subs for quite some time now plus it’s at least a few years old now so I’d assume there would only be a small amount of interest towards it, especially since it’s available on DVD and it has aired on Adult Swim I believe (loldub). Again if you feel the need to do it then it’s your choice, I’m just a faggot.

Also ZKC is pretty decent, I wouldn’t say it’s amazing but it certainly deserves more than Chihiro.

Comment from jama
Time May 10, 2009 at 2:58 pm

Death Note will be one project. I actually planned to work on it in another group since late 2007. I kind of find it amazing how this anime got so incredibly oversubbed, but in the end there’s no decent group that finished it. There aren’t any decent DVD rips available from what I can see either.

Comment from Some random faggot
Time May 10, 2009 at 3:13 pm

>I kind of find it amazing how this anime got so incredibly oversubbed, but in the end there’s no decent group that finished it.

A sad truth that can be applied far too often to quite a few series.. ;_;

Comment from Long Time Prowler
Time June 24, 2009 at 5:00 pm

Hi, been a long time fan but this is my first time posting. I just wanted to let you know that at the end of last year a group called TSR released a complete batch of Death Note. It has revised quality subs and DVD video and ordered chapters and everything. I know that the group isn’t really famous compared to some of the other groups out there which is why only a limited amount of people know about it. This is actually their second or third batch as they had released all the episodes earlier but kept revising and quality checking and finally using ordered chapters for this final batch. I know I sound like I’m advertising right now but I really don’t work for them or anything. It’s just that there are a lot of qualiy unsubbed shows out there that deserve your attention and I just didn’t want you to sub a show that already has a quality sub for it instead. But it’s your decision I guess. If you’re interested this is their website and this is the batch . Unfortunately since it’s over half a year old there are only a few seeders left. You could sub the two Death Note specials though, since I don’t think any quality groups has done the first one and NO ONE has done the second one. Patiently waiting for your Seto no Hanayome :)

Comment from jama
Time July 6, 2009 at 3:07 pm

We’re aware of those TSR rips. While the encodes are not that bad, the main styling and timing (ugh, alpha-timing) are. I’ve been discussing this with several people, I think there’s much room for improvement.

I’m almost positive that I’m going to time Death Note for Anime-FanRips. Once we released the first few eps you will be able to see the big difference in quality! :p

So yeah, Yabai’s not gonna do Death Note rips after all.

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