June Status Update

30 June, 2008 (09:58) | News | By: jama

Today is the last day of June and as you all have noticed we didn’t release a single episode of one of our projects this month. Well, that doesn’t mean we are dead.

For all the people who are interested in the current status of our projects:

Episode 03 – QCRC1
Episode 04 – Edit
Seto no Hanayome
Episode 01 – sQC/TS
Episode 02 – Edit/TS
OVA 01 – TLC
OVA 02 – TL

According to this information Himawari 03 is close to release. (Well, close means “this week” at best ^^). So, here we are, waiting for one of our staff members who currently has problems with his internet connection to show up again and do some work. Until then please bear with our slowness. Eventually we’ll release something again! :p

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